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August 2017
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 Headturning Utah Teacher Out on Bail for Having Sex with Students Does Unthinkable with… an Underage Boy

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PostSubject: Headturning Utah Teacher Out on Bail for Having Sex with Students Does Unthinkable with… an Underage Boy   Sat Jan 10, 2015 5:39 pm

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Remember when teachers were sweet, old marms, who delighted in their student’s scholastic achievements? Well, Utah teacher Brianne Altice was interested in different achievements. According to Fox’s Salt Lake City affiliate, Fox13:
Quote :
“A former Davis County teacher has been arrested again for sexual misconduct with a minor after more allegations recently surfaced….the new alleged sexual offenses with an underage teen boy happened while 35-year-old Brianne Altice was out on bail awaiting trial for previous felony sex charges.”
Altice was previously arrested for misconduct with a minor, posted bail, then was arrested again for the same behavior. Guess what happened next? She posted bail! Once again, from Fox13:
Quote :
“Altice posted the $10,000 bail after she was arrested Wednesday for alleged sex crimes with a 17-year-old boy, one of three alleged victims.”
Her previous charges include “rape, forcible sodomy, and forcible sexual abuse.”
Think that’s it? It gets better (or worse). Altice showed up to her hearing wearing a crop-top.

This woman has–on multiple occasions–committed sex crimes with minors, yet she has been allowed to post bail, and remain unsupervised. Twice! It’s as if no one cares, and I think I know why. The article’s comment section puts on display a classic double standard.
Quote :
I wish I woulda had teachers like these. Nothing wrong with it, guys were old enough to know what was going on. I doubt any of them lost their virginities to her… Altho its wrong to have done it on school property, i don’t see anything wrong with it happening out of school. Everyone needs some fun.

She is cute, I would have hit that in high school.

…one mans trash is another mans treasure. Wish I had teachers like this in high school.

Oh those poor boys, Sorry but they were 17+ years old I doubt they were held at knife point and raped. Yes what the teacher did was wrong and should be punished, but these “boys” were not victims is less than a year they are old enough to vote, get drafted and be held as adults in crimes and legally had sexual relations with her. I doubt she forced them to undress.
At least one commenter saw this double standard, and noted.
Quote :
Reverse the genders and think about it again. Double standard?
Fellow commenter PMITSUING articulated his reply with a biting, self-aware irony:
Quote :
Well of course its not right the other way around come on now…
Because this is a female teacher–one who is physically attractive, to boot–her crimes are viewed through a warped lens. Think of the reverse. Were a 35-year-old, male teacher accused of criminal sex acts with female teenagers, would they be so forgiving? No, they would not. It would be rightfully called out for what it is: a crime.
But she wore a crop-top, so…
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Headturning Utah Teacher Out on Bail for Having Sex with Students Does Unthinkable with… an Underage Boy

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