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July 2018
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 Roswell Researcher Claims To Have Alien Body Photos

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PostSubject: Roswell Researcher Claims To Have Alien Body Photos   Mon Nov 17, 2014 7:25 pm

Quote :

It’s been 67 years long years of conspiracies and the Roswell UFO incident still manages to capture headlines and our attention. Books, Internet headlines, and POP culture references have all been jaded by the weird incidents that many claimed to have occurred one frigid night in 1947 in a remote ranch in New Mexico. It’s now almost the end of 2014 and here we are…once again.

Leslie Kean showed photos taken by a government mapping plane in Costa Rica in 1971. (WTOP)

“We have come into possession of a couple of Kodachrome color slides of an alien being lying in a glass case, What’s interesting is, the film is dated 1947. We took it to the official historian of Kodak up in Rochester, New York, and he did his due diligence on it, and he said yes, this filmstrip, the slides are from 1947. It’s 1947 stock. And from the emulsions on the image, it’s not something that’s been Photoshopped like today. It’s original 1947 images, and it shows an alien who’s been partially dissected lying in a case.”

UFO author and researcher Thomas Carey said to an audience of UFO enthusiasts last Wednesday night at the American University in Washington. Wtop.com has the rest:

“3 and a half to 4 feet tall, the head is almost insect-like. The head has been severed, and there’s been a partial autopsy; the innards have been removed, and we believe the cadaver has been embalmed, at least at the time this picture was taken. The owners of the slide — it’s an amazing story. The woman was a high-powered Midland, Texas, lawyer with a pilot’s license. We think she was involved in intelligence in World War II, and her husband was a field geologist for an oil company.” Source: Wtop.com Washington

UFOs: Encounters by Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials ran for about two and a half hours with a gamut of questions, theories, and photographic evidence provided to those in attendance. Speakers like Leslie Kean (investigative journalist), Thomas Carey, and retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Charles Hal of the Rendlesham Forest incident spoke of their alien experiences and touched on theories about the UFO phenomena. Interestingly enough it wasn’t Thomas Carey’s Alien Photo news that took the spotlight that night. Most of the audience members were there to listen to Colonel Hal recount his own story about the 1980 UFO forest incident in England. This according to Wtop.com

But what about the supposed Alien film that Carey claims to have in his possession? As you probably have guessed by now no footage or pictures were released during the lecture but rather Mr. Carey announced that he plans on releasing his evidence sometime next year.
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Roswell Researcher Claims To Have Alien Body Photos

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