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July 2018
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 » New Member Registrations

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PostSubject: » New Member Registrations   Tue Aug 13, 2013 3:24 am

Thinking about registering for a membership?

Read the fine print below:

• Registration is FREE and there are no fee's for VIP access.
• Registration is for WOMEN only, 18 years of age and up.
• For privacy & safety, we require a PROOF PICTURE from new members.
• UYC is a PRIVATE online community for active members only.
• We do not discriminate against age/race/creed/disability.
• You MUST use your legal FIRST name in the registration form.
• All information in your registration must be correct and complete.
• You must register using an active e-mail address.

* Men are not eligible to register because this is strictly a place for women to get away from their real life and to come relax with friends.

* Under 18's are not eligible to register because of the adult language and topics that are posted on our message boards.

• We are NOT a mommy or parenting group! It's not something we discuss 24/7 but we do have a very nice section for mommies, pregnancy, and parenting topics.

• We use adult language and discuss adult topics. Many of us also have a wicked sense of humor and like to joke with each other to lighten up the mood. We also cover a lot of serious topics and talk about our private lives. We have no time or patience for members who are attention whores or whiny bitches. It's okay to vent and ask for support when you need it, but make sure you are returning the favor to other members. Remember the golden rule about doing unto others.

What to do when you register?
• Your account will be approved within the first 10 minutes to 24 hours.
• If you have to wait more than an hour, leave us a post on the guest board.

What happens when your registration is approved?
• Your membership will be put into the pending user group.
• You will need to do the following before moving forward to see more boards.
 - Read/Sign guideline thread.
 - Post an introduction thread.
 - Post your proof picture.
• If you don't log in within the first 72 hours, your account will be deleted.

We have many FAQ threads to help you navigate around our forum and to answer your questions. We also have a great team of staff members to help out and get all new members pointed in the right direction.
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» New Member Registrations

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